Tradition's Arnold Palmer Education Fund. Noblesse oblige is part of the heritage of Tradition. In 2009, Tradition's Arnold Palmer Education Fund was founded to honor Tradition's most notable resident, Arnold Palmer, and to benefit the employees and children of employees. To date, over $2,000,000 has been raised, and scholarships, including multi-year awards, for 21 students have been funded. Additionally, the Education Fund provides ongoing English classes for employees who would like to improve their language skills.

Mulligan Program. A mulligan is an honored golfing tradition....who doesn't want that "do-over?" The Mulligan's Program at Tradition gives the chance for those loved but no longer needed items in our members' homes to find a new use and a new life. Several times during the season, the Club provides a pickup and then employees have the opportunity to provide a new home for clothes, furniture, and other household items.