Men's Choose-up is on Wednesday.  On Fridays, the Bandits which grew from a small men's group that was started a member nearly 10 years ago, has now turned into a weekly game at Tradition. The  The Bandits game, which may vary, is usually 2 Best Balls of the 4 as well as a Better Ball of Partners game giving ample opportunities to win!


Ladies Choose-up is on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Most players will stay for lunch following the round and the winners are awarded during lunch.


Always a favorite amongst our membership is Twilight Golf which begins in late March every season. Twilight is a 4- to 6- person scramble held every Friday and is the perfect opportunity for those who don't play a lot of golf to come out and enjoy the game and the company. Following golf, the Chef prepares a fantastic dinner for all who participated or for those who simply want to join the group for dinner.