Lupe Jaime

Executive Chef

photo of Lupe Jaime

Email: [email protected]

Lupe served Executive Sous Chef here at Tradition for 8 years before being recruited to Agua Caliente Casino. Prior to that, he spent five years working the summer season for the Lodge at White Fish in Montana. Lupe’s previous experiences also include being part of the grand opening of the Firebrand Hotel and Spa in Montana, The La Quinta Resort and The Arizona Biltmore and Hilton Hotels in Frankfort, Germany. He was recently invited to the James Beard House in NYC to create two specialty dishes.

Lupe is a 20 year resident of La Quinta where he lives with his beautiful family: his wife Claudia, who are celebrating 27 years together. They also have three children: Jonathan, 26, Breanna, 21 and Anthony, 16. Both Jonathan and Breanna attend college. In fact, Jonathan has worked several seasons on our Outside Service team while attending school. Lupe enjoys playing soccer with his son, Anthony, who also has a passion for cooking nutritious foods to help keep himself soccer ready.

Lupe’s love for cooking started from watching his grandmother cook fresh foods that she harvested from her own ranch. His career is a classic American story, he started as a humble dishwasher, being promoted into each new position he held.

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