Iconic History

The Beginning of Tradition

The estate that became Tradition Golf Club was originally homesteaded in 1902 by John Marshall. It was later named La Quinta or "the country house" for the small house Marshall had built on the property. In the years following, Marshall added the main ranch house to the property - a home designed by noted architect Gordon Kaufmann, who went on to design the La Quinta Resort.

Pre 1902

The land Tradition Golf Club sits on was once hunting grounds for the Cahuilla Indians which was proven by the countless arrowheads found in the area by settlers.

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John Marshall homesteaded 160 acres from the Southern Pacific Railroad and the original home (the Eisenhower Cottage) was built. Notably, Washington Street was originally named Marshall Road and La Quinta Cove was known as Marshall Cove.

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Main ranch house, the Hacienda was built by Architect, Swanson. Cactus and specialty gardens planted

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Marshall Ranch sold to William and Elizabeth Rosecrans. William was the grandson of Civil War General William Starke Rosecrans. Ranch home named "Hacienda del Gato" in honor of the family cat that alerted Mrs. Rosecrans of a rattlesnake outside the kitchen doorway. Guests included Presidents Eisenhower and John F. Kennedy, Rudolph Valentino, Greta Garbo, Ginger Rogers, Joan Crawford, Marlene Dietrich, Errol Flynn, Kathryn Hepburn and Clark Gable among many others.

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Rosecrans sold the property to citrus farmers James and Esther Holmes. Citrus cultivation included: Seville orange, pink grapefruit, Ponderosa lemon, Algerian tangerine to name a few.


The property was owned by several developers, Fritz Burns, Bill Young and then Landmark Land Company


The property was then sold to Sienna Corporation who partnered with Arnold Palmer and his design company to begin construction of Tradition golf course.

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Tradition Golf Course and Clubhouse opened

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Club transitioned from developer to a Member Owned Equity Club


Tradition Golf Club distinguished as a Platinum Club of America


Arnold Palmer Statue Unveiling

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Present Day

Our Tradition Continues…

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